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Linda Potauaine is passionate about the safety of the people in our community and is a member of the Glen Eden Community Patrol. Linda and her Tongan born Architectural Consultant husband of 16 years, Semisi (Bola) have lived in Glen Eden for 14 years where they have started an Architecture, Art and Design business. They have 2 children aged 14 and 9.

Linda works for one of the largest social service providers in West Auckland as Community Banks Manager. (Food, Curtain, Uniform and Clothing Banks)

She is practical, intuitive, thinks logically, and not afraid to speak up.

Linda is an office holder with the New Zealand National Party. Recently elected as Vice President of National Council of Women, she is also on the National Executive of Alternatives to Violence Programme (AVP).

Linda will listen to your concerns and ensure they are heard.

It’s about the people.

Potauaine for the people.

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022 087 2965